Audi S3 lowered
Audi S3 on H&R lowering springs

Customers Audi S3 after suspension install. With supplied and fitted H&R Springs, lowering the front 25mm and the rear 15mm. After install we done a full Hunter Wheel Alignment which consisted of a 4 wheel alignment and 2 camber adjustments. So not only does the car look amazing, it handles and drives like a dream too. In this instance the set up gives the driver exceptional feedback from the road with epic handling too! One happy camper!

We advise after any suspension component change that the alignment is done as its almost guaranteed that it would of moved out of alignment. We would absolutely hate for you to leave it and have to come in prematurely for new tyres . . . . . . 🙂 . But seriously get your alignment checked and adjusted as needed to get the best out of your tyres and as previously mentioned after any suspension component change.