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Garage Services in Walthamstow

The convenience of owning a car has a number of benefits. Being the driver gives you a complete control to maintain your vehicles at its manufacturing requirements. If you’re thinking to drive your car for longer distance, you need to be assured that your car is maintained and serviced. Therefore you need to select a reliable...
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full service

Auto Repairs in Walthamstow

A Lot of car owners consider car maintenance to be an unnecessary, expensive, and unpleasant process. It becomes just one more item on their list of things to handle. And to make matters worse, when they eventually decide to see the local mechanic, they come away with a significant loss in their budgets and a...
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Car Serving

Auto Repairs in Chingford

Whether your car has fully broken down or you’re experiencing performance concerns, be sure The Tyre Shop has all the expertise or experience for your auto repairs in Chingford. So, if you are looking for a auto repair in Chingford, make sure you contact us first. We are not only a premier tyres supplier in...
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Garage Services in Chingford

The pleasure of having a car comes with several advantages. When you’re the driver, you have entire control. If you’re in the mood, you can take the longer, more scenic route to your destination, and you can listen to your favorite music to make the journey even more thrilling. There’s nothing quite like the freedom...
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Car Serving

Car servicing in Chingford

A majority of car owners see car service as a costly, inconvenient, and unneeded process. It becomes just another task on their to-do list. What’s worse, when they finally decide to go to the local mechanic, they return with a large hole in their pockets and a lengthy bill that they don’t fully comprehend. Therefore,...
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Tyres fitting in East London

Tyres are the most important part of your car maintenance. And if you require an expert tyre fitting service near you then The Tyre Shop is the right place to choose!  Our professional & courteous staff is fully equipped to install tyres on any vehicle, regardless of the manufacturer or kind of tyres required. We...
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Car Exhasut

Car Exhaust Replacement in East London

A good exhaust system will keep your car running smoothly. It plays an important function in diverting harmful fumes away from your engine. If the exhaust is not working right, bad things can happen. So, if you are looking for a trusted car exhaust system or replacement service garage near you, Then the Tyre shop...
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Tyre Repair in East London

It is not always easy to determine if your car is experiencing tyre repair or mechanical issues. But when it needs any sort of repairs problems then how can you find a reliable car tyre repair & replacement near you? So, if you are dealing with these issues, The Tyre Shop offers high-quality tyre repairs...
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Brake fitting in East London

The Tyre Shop is one of the leading car services garages in East London for all of your vehicle’s needs. We provide latest Wheel Alignment, Road Force Variation Wheel Balancing, suspension, and brake fitting services, and much more. So, if you’re looking for brake fitting & brakes pad replacement services near you. The Tyre shop...
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Alloy Wheels in East London

The wheels are not usually consider the most important part when you buy an automobile. However, selecting the wrong wheels might have a negative influence on your driving experience.  Alloy wheels allow your car for a personalized appearance. It will not only distinguish your vehicle; it can also entirely modify its looks to stand out....
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Tyres Shop in East London

Are you looking for a reliable tyres shop near you? Or do you want to enjoy comfortable car servicing facilities with the professional expert’s assistance? The Tyre Shop gives you a great opportunity to experience our high-quality garage services in East London. A Variety of services at The Tyre Shop To boost your vehicle’s performance,...
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Wheel Alignment Service in East London

Are you looking for reliable wheel alignment services near you? Do you want your car to perform at its best? If yes, then you are at the right place! At the Tyre Shop, we offer state-of-the-art Hunter Wheel Alignment, Road Force Variation Wheel Balancing, and much more. We have highly advanced technology and efficient wheel...
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Tyre Stock

Here at The Tyre Shop we keep a large variety of Brands in stock - from Budget Tyres manufactured in the far East to the most popular Premium tyres around! Our stock is constantly updated to ensure we can cater to our customers needs. Not sure we will have what you require? Then give us...
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Wheel Refurbishment

Examples of freshly refurbished wheels Why not freshen up your old scabby wheels with a wheel refurbishment?? We can get your wheels refurbed not a problem, normally takes 4 working days as we do not do them on site but send them away to some of the best wheel refurbers in the area!! We can...
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Why risk it?? Tyres – the only thing that touches Tarmac

Pictures are overworn dangerous tyres, how a tyre is structured & how tread should look All too often we see customers coming in complaining about vibration from the wheels and we are faced with a poor car that has been abused and not maintained. Its very frustrating to see tyres in such a state that...
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taxi alignment

Taxi!!! TX4, TXE & Vito

Taxi’s all in at once!! Tyres, Alignment & brakes The London Cabbie spend their days serving us – taking us where we need to go so we make sure we can serve them with all their tyre and alignment needs. We cater for all types of taxi, whether it be the Mercedes Vito, TXE or...
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Not a normal Tyre Shop

We’ve been in this Business a long time so we understand how frustrating it is to be sitting around waiting for your car to be finished. So that is why we work very hard to provide a waiting area so comfortable that you feel like you’re in your living room!! We have a huge waiting...
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Suspension repair or replacement

Suspension Components There is multiple parts to a Vehicles suspension that all work as one to keep the tyre planted on the tarmac and to give you a smooth ride. Due to the nature of the constant work that the suspension has to do you can appreciate that components wear out from time to time....
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porsche caliper


brake upgrades, standard replacement or full brake conversion After tyres, your brakes are the most important parts contributing to your motoring safety, it is essential that you regularly maintain and inspect your brakes to make the are in good working order. If you notice any problems like vibrations or unwanted movement under braking then visit...
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Zito Alloy Wheels

VW Tiguan with 22″ Zito ZF15 Matt Black Did you know the The Tyre Shop is the newest UK importer of Zito Alloy wheels? Well we are! We are consistently growing our stock and designs to bring you the best of this exclusive range of flow formed wheels. Above picture is of the Zito ZF15...
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SPACER+ Wheel spacers

15mm Hubcentric Spacer going onto a new Mercedes Did you know we are also the home of Spacer+ Alloy wheel spacers? Spacer+ is our own brand of wheel spacers that have been going a few years now – We used our fitment knowledge and know how to bring in a wide range of hubcentric spacers....
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Audi S3 with H&R Springs

Audi S3 on H&R lowering springs Customers Audi S3 after suspension install. With supplied and fitted H&R Springs, lowering the front 25mm and the rear 15mm. After install we done a full Hunter Wheel Alignment which consisted of a 4 wheel alignment and 2 camber adjustments. So not only does the car look amazing, it...
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Old & New – we cater for all

We had this old beauty in the other day for tyres!! We are lucky enough to get some real Classic cars coming through our shutters. This Beautiful Triumph Stag came in for some fresh rubber and oh my was it clean, inside & out. No wonder the customer was smiling a lot, wouldn’t you be...
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vw caddy

Practical & stylish

VW Caddy with Rotiform wheels Look at this Stunning VolksWagen Caddy !! What a sort!! Amazing what a difference a set of wheels make . . . and air ride ;-). Customer came in to have his own wheels fitted and tbh the van looked good before! But now with these Rotiforms wheels fitted up...
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Tyres – the only thing that touches tarmac!

Apart from the obvious – would you know everything that is wrong with this tyre? So lets list them out! Firstly below legal limit of tread. The legal limit is 1.6mm in the UK. We advise changing tyres from 3mm as per manufacturers advice to maintain grip and efficiency. Secondly, the tyres have been run...
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We often see people buying road legal slicks for on the normal road use and I often wonder do you actually get any benefit from using them on the road? Apart from looking pretty awesome, what are the pro’s and cons? Also on the flip side is there an argument for using normal road tyres...
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Hunter Road Force balancing!! The ultimate of wheel balancing. Using state of the art computer simulation to show how your Tyre performs under actual road force pressure. Your wheel is spun on our Hunter Road Force Balancer where a load roller is lowered onto the wheel and puts the wheel under load which simulates the...
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Hunter wheel Alignment!!! Diagnostic and adjustments all on site.  We have 2 ramps on the go. If you suspect you’re having alignment issues or you’ve just had new tyres fitted  and would like to get the best from them or just good housekeeping – why not pop down for a diagnostics? Alignment is vehicle specific...
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