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Car serbcing
Car manufacturing and layout have seen a marked change throughout time.  No matter how premium or modern your car is, malfunctions and breakdowns are always possible. It is becoming more intricate and complex than ever, while expensive & luxury vehicles now require specialized services.  However, regular maintenance and repairs are very important factors to upkeep the most frequently...
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Car Serving
A majority of car owners see car service as a costly, inconvenient, and unneeded process. It becomes just another task on their to-do list. What’s worse, when they finally decide to go to the local mechanic, they return with a large hole in their pockets and a lengthy bill that they don’t fully comprehend. Therefore,...
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tts helpie guarantee
Tyres are the most important part of your car maintenance. And if you require an expert tyre fitting service near you then The Tyre Shop is the right place to choose!  Our professional & courteous staff is fully equipped to install tyres on any vehicle, regardless of the manufacturer or kind of tyres required. We...
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It is not always easy to determine if your car is experiencing tyre repair or mechanical issues. But when it needs any sort of repairs problems then how can you find a reliable car tyre repair & replacement near you? So, if you are dealing with these issues, The Tyre Shop offers high-quality tyre repairs...
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Are you looking for a reliable tyres shop near you? Or do you want to enjoy comfortable car servicing facilities with the professional expert’s assistance? The Tyre Shop gives you a great opportunity to experience our high-quality garage services in East London. A Variety of services at The Tyre Shop To boost your vehicle’s performance,...
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Here at The Tyre Shop we keep a large variety of Brands in stock - from Budget Tyres manufactured in the far East to the most popular Premium tyres around! Our stock is constantly updated to ensure we can cater to our customers needs. Not sure we will have what you require? Then give us...
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mich ps4s
Pictures are overworn dangerous tyres, how a tyre is structured & how tread should look All too often we see customers coming in complaining about vibration from the wheels and we are faced with a poor car that has been abused and not maintained. Its very frustrating to see tyres in such a state that...
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taxi alignment
Taxi’s all in at once!! Tyres, Alignment & brakes The London Cabbie spend their days serving us – taking us where we need to go so we make sure we can serve them with all their tyre and alignment needs. We cater for all types of taxi, whether it be the Mercedes Vito, TXE or...
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stag min 1
We had this old beauty in the other day for tyres!! We are lucky enough to get some real Classic cars coming through our shutters. This Beautiful Triumph Stag came in for some fresh rubber and oh my was it clean, inside & out. No wonder the customer was smiling a lot, wouldn’t you be...
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Apart from the obvious – would you know everything that is wrong with this tyre? So lets list them out! Firstly below legal limit of tread. The legal limit is 1.6mm in the UK. We advise changing tyres from 3mm as per manufacturers advice to maintain grip and efficiency. Secondly, the tyres have been run...
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