We’ve been in this Business a long time so we understand how frustrating it is to be sitting around waiting for your car to be finished. So that is why we work very hard to provide a waiting area so comfortable that you feel like you’re in your living room!! We have a huge waiting area that you can spread out and relax in, TV’s, toilets and a confectionary machine. Tea / coffee machine too. We try very hard to be as quick as we can BUT we will always make sure the work we do is safe and secure and as i’m sure you aware these things do take time. Changing a single tyre, from the point we get the car on the ramp, can be 15-20 minutes. Alignment diagnostic set is approximately 10 minutes and then any adjustments can be another 15 minutes to an hour depending on what needs doing. Servicing, suspension and any mechanical work differs wildly from car to car. So find a seat and relax. Even have a little snooze! (you won’t be the first and certainly won’t be the last :-)). We operate 7 ramps for tyres, brakes etc. 2 ramps dedicated to alignments and 3 ramps for mechanical ie suspension, brakes, servicing. So we do aim to get you done as quick as we can.

Any enquiries for services we provide – just give us a call 02085312300