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Get the ULTIMATE wheel balancing for your car, using our Hunter Road Force Variation balancer.

Road Force Balancing is a ultimate wheel balancing service using state of the art computer simulation to show how your tyre performs under actual road force pressure when used on the road. We are the only tyre centre to be found locally where this superior balancing service is available.

How we calculate road force variation balancing? Your wheel is spun on our Hunter road force balancer where a load roller is lowered onto the wheel and puts the wheel under load which simulates the forces applied by the actual road surface. During this test we calculate the standard balance measurement and the balance under road force variation simulation.

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What is measured during force variation? As well as the wheel balance, force variation is able to identify additional issues that standard balancing cannot detect which can cause incorrect balancing or unwanted vibrations:

  • RUN OUT (Radial Forces)
    This when the wheel is out of round or there is uneven tread/tyre wall stiffness. Both of these can contribute to unwanted vibration over and above that caused by simple imbalance.
    The amount of conicity (the amount of Flex) in the wall of the tyre, which when excessive can cause the car to pull.


  • Corrects Wheel Vibration issues
  • Improves Ride and Handling
  • Reduces excessive Tyre wear
  • Perfectly Balanced Wheels

Improper balancing or excessive wheel vibration if left unchecked can result in expensive damage to steering and suspension componenets and unsafe driving conditions!

Using road force variation balancing provides a solution to resolve these issues, by matching the stiff spot of the tyre to the low spot on the rim. With such a quick and accurate system, it is no surprise that many Motor and Tyre manufacturers use road force variation as the standard in modern wheel balancing.

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£23.94per tyre

All prices are subject to change without prior notice and are not guaranteed.


At 60 mph an average size tyre rotates 850 times per minute. At this speed slight variations in balance, sidewall stiffness or roundness can cause the wheel to literally slam into the pavement 14 times a second, which then creates unwanted wheel vibrations.

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Common causes of wheel vibration:

  • Lack of tyre uniformity is a common source of vibration. As a tyre rolls, it flexes as if it were made of springs. Vibration results when tyre stiffness is not uniform.
  • An out of round tyre (Run Out) will cause wheel vibration.
  • A stiff spot hitting the pavement causes vibration.

To book your Road Force Wheel Balancing? call us on 0208 531 2300