Tyres – the only thing that touches tarmac!

Apart from the obvious – would you know everything that is wrong with this tyre? So lets list them out! Firstly below legal limit of tread. The legal limit is 1.6mm in the UK. We advise changing tyres from 3mm as per manufacturers advice to maintain grip and efficiency. Secondly, the tyres have been run so low on tread that the ‘cords’ are showing. This also shows that where the cords are coming through only on the centre of the tyre, that the driver probably runs the tyres over inflated. Thirdly, there is cracking on the shoulder of the tyre, this is a sign of an aging tyre. This particular tyre also had inside tyre wear which told us the alignment needed doing.

We are often amazed that people let their tyres get this bad but we see it all too often. You would think that with something as important as the only thing that actually keeps you on the tarmac, people would pay a bit more attention to their tyres. But all too often they see it as an unnecessary cost! Which to us is crazy! As the only thing that physically touches the floor, that you rely on for acceleration and braking grip, why would you abuse it and not maintain it. There is no excuse for poor tyre maintenance. If you drive using illegal tyres and get pulled over by the police the bare minimum is 3 points and a big fine ££££!! cheaper to get new tyres we think!!