Car servicing in Chingford

A majority of car owners see car service as a costly, inconvenient, and unneeded process. It becomes just another task on their to-do list. What’s worse, when they finally decide to go to the local mechanic, they return with a large hole in their pockets and a lengthy bill that they don’t fully comprehend. Therefore, if you are facing this sort of unwanted situation. And looking for a reliable Car service garage near you. The Tyre Shop is a perfect choice. We are just not a leading tyre supplier rather we offer multiple high-quality standardized car services in Chingford, East London.

Why Regular Car Servicing is Important?

Your car is a complex machine with various interconnected mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, and electronic systems. While your car’s components are versatile, they do have a limited lifespan, and the vehicle itself needs annual safety inspections and fine-tuning. Some components wear out due to use others deteriorate with age. That is why your car manufacturer prescribes a service schedule with a list of things to be checked or replaced.   

Services Offered by The Tyre Shop:

Our highly competent technicians have the experience, tools, and skills to operate on a wide range of automobiles and 4x4s. You can trust the quality of our services and installed parts, we also provide comprehensive garage services including, exhaust replacement, brakes replacement and fitting, suspension repairs, and car servicing at a reasonable cost. 

We aim to provide quality and competitive car servicing in East London area, you can be rest assured your vehicle will be taken care by highly qualified and experienced mechanics at The Tyre Shop. 

Call us on  0208 531 2300 to book your car servicing.