alloy wheels
Car serbcing
Car manufacturing and layout have seen a marked change throughout time.  No matter how premium or modern your car is, malfunctions and breakdowns are always possible. It is becoming more intricate and complex than ever, while expensive & luxury vehicles now require specialized services.  However, regular maintenance and repairs are very important factors to upkeep the most frequently...
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Car Serving
The comfort of owning a car has a variety of advantages.   As a driver you have full control to keep your cars running and safe on the road.  So, if you are looking for a reliable garage services near you, the tyre shop is a great choice to choose! Our Garage offers a variety of...
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zito ZS15 web min
The wheels are not usually consider the most important part when you buy an automobile. However, selecting the wrong wheels might have a negative influence on your driving experience.  Alloy wheels allow your car for a personalized appearance. It will not only distinguish your vehicle; it can also entirely modify its looks to stand out....
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VW Tiguan with 22″ Zito ZF15 Matt Black Did you know the The Tyre Shop is the newest UK importer of Zito Alloy wheels? Well we are! We are consistently growing our stock and designs to bring you the best of this exclusive range of flow formed wheels. Above picture is of the Zito ZF15...
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stag min 1
We had this old beauty in the other day for tyres!! We are lucky enough to get some real Classic cars coming through our shutters. This Beautiful Triumph Stag came in for some fresh rubber and oh my was it clean, inside & out. No wonder the customer was smiling a lot, wouldn’t you be...
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vw caddy
VW Caddy with Rotiform wheels Look at this Stunning VolksWagen Caddy !! What a sort!! Amazing what a difference a set of wheels make . . . and air ride ;-). Customer came in to have his own wheels fitted and tbh the van looked good before! But now with these Rotiforms wheels fitted up...
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