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A quality suspension system guarantees a comfortable ride and solid control. Also, the suspension system improves the level of friction between the road and the tires to relax the occupants. Thus, suspensions are required if the roads are crooked or uneven. At the Tyre Shop, we offer comprehensive services for quality suspension repairs for all...
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dual exhausts just for looks
The exhaust system is one of the most important components of a car. It has a significant impact on practically everything, including the car’s performance, driving comfort, and fuel efficiency. A poor exhaust can also result in issues as serious as engine deterioration. At the tyre shop, we provide highly affordable exhaust repairs for all makes...
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full service
A Lot of car owners consider car maintenance to be an unnecessary, expensive, and unpleasant process. It becomes just one more item on their list of things to handle. And to make matters worse, when they eventually decide to see the local mechanic, they come away with a significant loss in their budgets and a...
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Car Serving
Whether your car has fully broken down or you’re experiencing performance concerns, be sure The Tyre Shop has all the expertise or experience for your auto repairs in Chingford. So, if you are looking for a auto repair in Chingford, make sure you contact us first. We are not only a premier tyres supplier in...
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We’ve been in this Business a long time so we understand how frustrating it is to be sitting around waiting for your car to be finished. So that is why we work very hard to provide a waiting area so comfortable that you feel like you’re in your living room!! We have a huge waiting...
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VW Tiguan with 22″ Zito ZF15 Matt Black Did you know the The Tyre Shop is the newest UK importer of Zito Alloy wheels? Well we are! We are consistently growing our stock and designs to bring you the best of this exclusive range of flow formed wheels. Above picture is of the Zito ZF15...
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