Tyres are the most important part of your car maintenance. And if you require an expert tyre fitting service near you then The Tyre Shop is the right place to choose! 

Our professional & courteous staff is fully equipped to install tyres on any vehicle, regardless of the manufacturer or kind of tyres required. We are the trusted retailer of all types of leading branded tyres, winter tyres in East London. And also, can assist you to get 4 x 4, high performance, budget, or all sort of tyres at completive prices.

Choosing the Right Tyres:

We provide a wide choice of high-quality tyres as well as a full tyre fitting service to our clients. We ensure that whatever brand, model, or size tyre you desire, we will have it in stock and ready to fit in no time at a price you can afford. Our experienced professional team can advise you to choose the right tyre with regular inspection, fittings, replacement, and repair maintenance by our experts. 

Why You Need Tyre Fitting services At the Tyre Shop:

It is essential to get your tyres fitted by qualified professionals always. The Tyre Shop has experiences technician who will assure you to have a proper & safe tyre fitting, installations, replacements, and repair services every time.

Whether you are looking for premium, mid-range or budget tyres, call us on 0208 531 2300 and our team will be happy to assist you.