Why risk it?? Tyres – the only thing that touches Tarmac

Pictures are overworn dangerous tyres, how a tyre is structured & how tread should look

All too often we see customers coming in complaining about vibration from the wheels and we are faced with a poor car that has been abused and not maintained. Its very frustrating to see tyres in such a state that they’re at the point of structural collapse and the owner have not a clue! Almost find it funny! I’d be laughing my head off having a tyre blow out and causing an accident, wouldn’t you! (sarcasm at its best!). We’ve had to say it so many times before and will no doubt will be repeating ourselves for many years to come – Why would you pay no attention for the only thing that has the only contact with the tarmac!!!! Legal limit on tyre tread in the UK is 1.6mm, we advise, as does the tyre manufacturers, changing from 3mm to keep good traction in all weather conditions. If in the event you were pulled over by the police and they inspected your tyres which were found to be illegal or not road worthy, you would be looking at 3 points on your license and up to £2500 fine PER TYRE!!! Why would you risk all that! Let alone risking the lives of anyone travelling with you in your car. One day we hope common sense will prevail !!!

if you are unsure whether your tyres are legal of not or maybe have a fault – why not pop down for a tyre check? We measure the tread depth of each tyre in 3 places to show if wear is even. We do a full inspection of each tyre including the inside and outside sidewall, looking for any imperfections.

Please just get them checked!!!